Case Study

Allegria Ristorante-Pizzeria (VANZARE LTD)

Location: Largs

Maria Timis, an experienced restaurateur, planned to open an Italian restaurant called Allegria Ristorante-Pizzeria in Largs, a coastal town in Scotland. Maria had previously assisted her husband in his restaurant and was keen to bring her experience to this new business venture. The restaurant was to offer traditional Italian cuisine, including pizzas and pastas, with both lunch and evening menus to give customers a range of options. The business was to be located at 86 Gallowgate Street, Largs, which is the main street in the town looking onto the seafront.

Maria had raised part of the money required to start the business. However, she was unable to obtain remaining amount from elsewhere. Without DSL’s assistance, the business would not have been able to progress its plans, and the opportunity to start or grow would be lost. Therefore, Maria approached DSL Business Finance Ltd for a loan to help finance the restaurant’s opening.

DSL Business Finance Ltd was satisfied with Maria’s proposal and affordability and supported part-funding the required amount. The loan helped pay for the necessary renovations, including the ventilation system, and initial stock purchases for the business.  The restaurant successfully launched in the summer of 2021, offering a range of traditional Italian dishes to the local community. The  location proved to be ideal, with a prime view of the seafront, and the restaurant quickly became a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Maria Timis, in expressing her appreciation of DSL Business Finance Ltd, stated:

“I contacted DSL through Business Gateway and Paul Toner was assigned to be my loan officer. As well as being my loan advisor Paul also became a business advisor to me, he offered great advice and pointed me in all the right directions in my times of need. My restaurant was then nominated for multiple awards since opening and DSL really helped to make my dream a reality. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done and to Paul Toner. Thank you“

Allegria Ristorante-Pizzeria is an excellent example of how a business can succeed with the right financial support. Maria’s passion for the restaurant industry, combined with the right funding, allowed her to achieve her dream of opening an Italian restaurant in Largs. The success of the business has not only provided Maria with an income but also contributed to the local economy by creating jobs and attracting tourism to the area.

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