Case Study

Cafe Fika is a small family-owned cafe located in Forres, Scotland. It is owned and operated by Naomi Ireland-Fair and her son Brogan Ireland-Fair who is a self-trained barista and knows everything coffee!. Business name is maintained from the original owners who were Swedish with ‘Fika’ being a cultural concept in Sweden which is to ‘ take time out of your day to enjoy coffee and food with family and friends or yourself.’

In 2021, the previous owner decided to sell the building that housed Cafe Fika. This presented an opportunity for Naomi to purchase the building and expand the business. To finance the purchase, Naomi and her husband Tom approached Business Gateway in Elgin, who referred them to DSL Business Finance to obtain a loan. Murray Marshal, the DSL Loan Officer, reviewed the business proposal and approved the loan. With the funding secured, Naomi purchased the building and expanded Cafe Fika.

The cafe is known for its high-quality vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food made entirely in-house using organic ingredients. While Naomi had no prior experience of running a cafe before taking over Cafe Fika, she was given the opportunity to run the business for a few months before committing to the purchase. Despite the challenges she faced, Naomi managed to maintain the high standards that the cafe was known for while adding her own touch to the menu.

Cafe Fika is a success story of how a small family-owned business can thrive with hard work, dedication, and the right financing. Naomi’s passion for baking and her desire to look after people motivated her to take on the challenge of running a cafe, and with her determination and the support of her family, she has built a thriving business that is loved by its customers. With the expansion of the business, Cafe Fika is poised for further growth and success in the future.

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