Case Study

Kalopsia Collecitve

Location: Edinburgh

Kalopsia was established as a textiles artists’ collective in 2012 by Adam and Nina. It’s now a forward-thinking social enterprise, capable of competing against traditional businesses. It strives to minimise the environmental impact of the business and manufacturing operations.

Kalopsia Collective is a textiles batch manufacturer. A social enterprise, Kalopsia supplies mills, retailers and independent businesses with ethically-, efficiently- and sustainably-made textile products such as accessory bags and clothing.

This new approach to textiles manufacturing led to Kalopsia being shortlisted for Manufacturer of the year at the Made in Scotland awards 2018.

Working with Zero Waste Scotland it has developed resource-efficient manufacturing techniques. It also recycles fabric cuttings. It has partnered with industry in sustainability projects, run pilots for a Government environmental agency, designed costumes for performance groups and films, constructed murals for community/public spaces and manufactured products for international clients.

Supportive Quotes:

Adam says, “The first round helped us improve operations and stabilise production getting us to a consistent turnover.

“The second round allowed us to invest in our website which has increased sales, improving cashflow and customer experience.

“We also took on our first two permanent employees, both newly graduated textiles practitioners. Their input has been a massive boost.

“All of this has allowed us to take on more and higher quality orders.”