Case Study

Ovenbird Coffee Roasters

Location: Glasgow

Davide Angeletti had been roasting coffee from home and selling it in the local area. When the orders grew, he acquired a small business premises and established Ovenbird Coffee Roasters to fill a gap in the growing speciality coffee industry in the UK. Along with speciality coffee, Ovenbird has developed a new Whisky Coffee which is sold to the public as well as to retailers.

Davide has successfully experimented with the idea to grow his business.  For instance, he has designed a coffee pouch – The Great Escape – that hangs on any mug and cup. The Great Escape is aimed  at people on the move. The pouch is a single dose speciality coffee pouch and can be used anywhere. People do not need expensive coffee makers when they go outdoors – just The Great Escape.

Their “Whisky Coffee Collection” is gaining popularity. They have partnered with Auchentoshan and Laphroaig distilleries for their Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee. Since  Feb 2018,  Historic Environment  has  stocked their Whisky Barrel Aged coffee at  Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle with more venues being added over time.

Ovenbird kept things simple. They cut unnecessary costs down and concentrated on products, aftersales services and equipment services. They also promoted their coffee at many events throughout the UK and have become a recognised brand in the speciality coffee  market. Their roastery is still open to the public. Their business model enables Ovenbird to supply coffee from roast day to customer within 3 days. By doing so their customers do not need to stock old coffee. They deliver weekly and fortnightly.

“The support from DSL throughout my business journey has been excellent. The loan funding was crucial to getting the business to where it is today. The personal service given is something the Banks no longer do and it was great to be able to explain my plans and have that human interaction”