Case Study

The Dell, Glenlivet Ltd

Location: Speyside

Paul Cannavan, a former criminal defence lawyer based in Edinburgh, embarked on a remarkable journey that took him far from the courtroom to the serene woodlands of Speyside, Scotland. Recognising an untapped market for high-end cabin accommodation, he transformed an abandoned clay pigeon shooting site near the Glenlivet Distillery into a welcoming haven for tourists and holidaymakers. To bring this vision to life, he approached DSL Business Finance for a loan to as part of his comprehensive funding plan.

Paul has a vast amount of experience within the tourist sector and previously ran a business operating whisky tour in Speyside which he then sold to a family member. In addition to his legal qualification, he has a degree in Tourism/Business.

DSL, acknowledging the significance of hospitality and tourism in the heartland of Scotland’s whisky culture, and Paul’s’ experience, supported his vision. This backing enabled him to part-fund the construction of four cabins crafted from locally sourced materials, designed with a minimal environmental footprint in mind.

Paul Cannavan’s remarkable journey from the legal profession to becoming a woodland entrepreneur underscores the power of unwavering vision, determination, and support from financial institutions like DSL Business Finance. The Dell at Glenlivet helps guests to escape the digital hustle and immerse themselves in the tranquillity of Speyside, a region renowned for its whisky heritage and natural beauty.

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