Case Study

Rent, Shuffle & Roll

Location: Aberdeen

Glenn and Jen, are a board game-loving couple from Aberdeen who transformed their passion into a thriving business known as “Rent, Shuffle & Roll Ltd.” Faced with the common challenges of limited space and underused games in their growing collection, they conceived a creative solution. They established a board game rental service, enabling fellow gamers to enjoy a diverse range of games without purchasing and storage.

In addition to their subscription service, they expanded into providing a game library for events across the UK. These events have become crucial for their business growth, offering higher profit margins and a targeted audience. To support their expansion, Glenn and Jen sought a £20,000 loan from DSL Business Finance to purchase a van for transporting games to events and potential local bar or café clients. DSL approved the loan after reviewing their sound business proposal. The van played a pivotal role in taking “Rent, Shuffle & Roll” to various gaming events, including the prestigious UK Games Expo, where they showcased an extensive gaming library.

Launched in June 2022, their business has seen consistent growth in monthly subscriptions due to its unique and customer-focused approach. By addressing a specific need in the board gaming community and delivering exceptional service, Glenn and Jen have earned the loyalty of gamers across the UK. Their success story demonstrates how passion, strategic funding, and a commitment to quality can lead to remarkable achievements in business.


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