Supporting Scottish businesses, including start-ups, through a pandemic

At the very heart of what we do at DSL Business Finance is supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs across Scotland to realise their potential, and more. Without doubt, the last few months have presented unprecedented challenges to how we all live and work as we try to adapt to the impact of Covid-19.

But during this time, DSL has remained open for businesses, and this will continue. That is one of the reasons we again took part in the annual Start-up Summit, held virtually this year on 28 and 29 October. It promised to offer people everything they need to ‘start, grow and thrive in business’.

During the pandemic we have been working closely with our existing clients to see how we can support them through difficult times. Our loan officers are always available to take a personal approach to assisting clients to ensure they survive and grow. We look at individual circumstances and make pragmatic decisions. It’s never a ‘computer says no’ reaction from anyone at DSL.

We are still lending to start-ups during Covid times – if we believe in the people and their concepts. We have provided funding for numerous business proposals recently and are keen to support even more. We have the capital and the desire to do exactly that.

The issues arising from pandemic will take time to resolve, but I share the view that out of adversity can come opportunity. Throughout history successful businesses have started during difficult economic times, including Disney, Microsoft, Apple and, more recently, Uber.

During lockdown, some people who have been furloughed might have taken the time to invest in remote training, think about their future and decide the time is right to fulfil their dream and start their own business. Supporting people on that journey is what DSL has done since 1993 and we are committed to continuing doing so

Despite the current difficult circumstances there is still plenty of room for start-ups and for businesses to expand – and DSL is here to help.

Stuart Yuill, DSL Business Finance executive director


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